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The Messy Bed (Upcoming 2024)

Musical essay for radio,  in collaboration with Agnes Borinsky.

The Game is Hypnosis(Upcoming 2024)

Electronic album.

When in Doubt Read Nightwood (2023)

Live piano score for Tim Reid's theatrical work.

Premiered at Pageant.

The Arts (2023)

Saxophone, percussion, narration and electronics for Popebama.

Commissioned by Erin Rogers and Dennis Sullivan, with Madeline Wise.

Premiered at Cute Lab. 

Kinder, Kinder (2023

Written for Agnes Borinsky’s The Trees at Playwrights Horizons.

Directed by Tina Satter.

You Against Nature (2023)

Opera for sextet.

Commissioned by ThingNY.

Premiered at the Brick Theatre. 


A Song of Songs (2022)

Electronic recordings and live composition for theatre.

A play by Agnes Borinsky, commissioned by Bushwick Starr.

Premiered at El Puente.

Flicker for Piano and Electronics(2022)

For solo piano and cassette player.

Premiered at New Music Symposium, curated by Alaina Ferris

Palabras Fantasma (2022)

Playback piece.

Premiered at Fonoteca Nacional, Mexico City

Juega Para Estática (2022)

Playback piece in quad sound for live audience participation. 

Premiered at 316 Centro, Mexico City

The Wagging Craze (2021)

Recorded, written and performed by Joseph White. 

Released as an album on Gold Bolus Recordings.

Performed at Ars Nova, Prague Fringe, Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival and more.

Meander (2021)

Soundwalk for playback audio.

Written, composed and performed with Gelsey Bell.

Commissioned by Brooklyn Botanic Garden and HERE Arts.

Cairns (2020)

Soundwalk for playback audio by Gelsey Bell.

Co-composed, edited and sound engineered album, commissioned by HERE Arts.

with cooperation from Green-Wood Cemetery.

Feminine Octagon (2019)

Electronic playback and songs for theatrical ensemble.

For theatrical work Feminine Octagon by Amy Gisjbers Van Wijk, directed by Anne Cecelia DeMelo.

Premiered at Rough Draft Festival, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center.

The Wagging Craze (2019)

One man radio opera.

Premiered by Joseph White, and developed for Ars Nova’s ANTFest 2019.

Additional development with JACK and Fresh Ground Pepper.

International premiere at Kyoto Performing Arts Festival 2019.

Ars Nova One Night Stand 2020.

Upcoming at Prague Fringe 2022.

Bardo Songs (2018)

Song cycle and electronic playback

For theatrical work, Ding Dong it’s the Ocean by Agnes Borinsky. 

Developed through the HERE Arts Residency Program.

Premiered at JACK in 2018, with additional performances at Culturemart - HERE 2017, and Experimental Lab sessions LMCC workspace.

sullivann (2012-2017)

Voice, guitar, keyboard and electronics.

Various songs co-composed and/or arranged with Catherine Brookman, including “Excellent Divers.” Premiered at dozens of venues across NYC, including  Mercury Lounge, Union Pool, Bowery Electric, and the Cutting Room.

Of Government (2017)

Songs and underscoring for solo voice, ensemble, piano, and ukulele.

For theatrical work, Of Government by Agnes Borinsky, commissioned by Clubbed Thumb.

 Premiered as a Summerfest work at Wild Project. 

Additional runs at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia,

and Son of Semele - Los Angeles.


Goodnight, Goodnight (2017)

Voice and violin.

For Agnes Borinsky’s Weird Classrooms. 

Performance Project residency at University Settlement.

Toyland (2017)

Electronic arrangements of Christmas carols.

Co-composed and performed with Gelsey Bell. 

Released as an album on Gold Bolus Recordings.


Boomwaggle (2016) 

Song cycle and album.

Released on Gold Bolus Recordings, and premiered at Firehouse Space with 

Emma Meltzer, Paul Pinto, Brian McCorkle, and Joseph White.

Developed at Exapno New Music Center and Panoply Performance Laboratory, 2015.

The Party (2016)

Guitar, electronics, and playback.

Text by Agnes Borinsky.

HERE 2016, Culturemart.

The Illegal Song Cycle (2015)

Voice, guitar, keyboard and sampler.

Premiered at Panoply Performance Laboratory 

with Ellen O’Meara and Matthew D. Gantt

Brief Chronicle Books 6-8 (2015)

Playback and electronics.

For theatrical work by Agnes Borinsky featuring Clare Barron and Diana Oh.

Developed for Experimental Lab sessions LMCC workspace - Wall Street.

O (2015)

Underscoring for synthesizer and electronics.

Text - Agnes Borinsky.

Developed at HERE Arts Governor’s Island Lab.

Lost Tribe(2014)

For theatrical ensemble, guitar, and tape machine.

Developed for Agnes Borinsky’s Target Margin Yiddish Lab 2.0 work, Lost Tribe

Premiered at Abrons Arts Center, directed by Michael Leibenluft.


Ritalin (2014)

Violin, feet, and vocals.

Premiered by Joey Molinaro at Exapno New Music Center, and featured on his 7’’ vinyl release, International Coven of Dangerous Violinistry by Inverted Music Company.


Lameness of a Horse (2014)

Opera for voice, guitar, percussion and electronics.

Premiered at The Brick Theatre Soundscape Festival with Cory Bracken, produced by Rady and Bloom.


The Flight of Man and Bird (2014)

Electric guitar, percussion, and metal tools.

Premiered at an unremembered DIY concert by Joseph White and Cory Bracken.


Brass F***fest (2013)

Tuba and trombone.

Premiered at IBeam by David Whitwell and Chad Walther.


The Bulbous Cycle (2013)

Two voices, glockenspiel and piano.

Premiered at Sidewalk Cafe by Joseph White and Ellen O’Meara. Later performances at City Reliquary, Vaudeville Park


Submarine (2013)

Two guitars.

Premiered at Silent Barn, and a few subway stations by Dave Ruder and Joseph White.

Recorded at Issue Project Room in 2014,

and released on Dave Ruder’s Gold Bolus Recordings album Untuned.


Eat Your Beats (2012)

Electronic music ensemble for Max/MSP.

Premiered at International Electroacoustic Music Festival in Brooklyn, NY by B.E.E. Ensemble.

The Girl of the Golden West(2012-2013)

Songs and underscoring for theatre ensemble.

Co-composed with Catherine Brookman, Ellen O’Meara, produced by Rady and Bloom.

Premiered at New Ohio Theatre’s Ice Factory 2012,

Ars Nova’s ANTFest 2013.

Funded by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Manhattan Community Arts Fund

and NYS Department of Cultural Affairs.


Parade (2012)

Two glockenspiels and electronic playback.

Premiered at Exapno New Music Center by Ellen O’Meara and Joseph White.


Rabbit/Rascal (2011)

Two electric guitars, keyboards, and flute.

Premiered at Exapno New Music Center by Sweat Lodge Collective.


Top 15 Cycle (2011)

Voice and electric guitar.

Premiered at Exapno New Music Center by Amirtha Kidambi.


Hydroplane (2011)

Solo piano.

Premiered at Exapno New Music Center by Ellen O’Meara.


Kumquat (2012)

Four channel electronic playback.

Premiered at Exapno New Music Center.


The Meal Cycle (2012)

Four acoustic guitars.

Premiered at Baruch Performing Arts Center by Lars Frandsen, Jesse Miller, Carlos Cuestas and Ernesto Ramos.


The Creepy Friend Cycle (2011)

Voice and piano.

Premiered at Flushnik Studios by Megan Stern and Ann Adachi.


Plum (2012)

Electronic playback.

Premiered at the International Electroacoustic Music Festival in Brooklyn, NY.


Plastic (2012)

Electric guitar, voice, percussion, and Max/MSP.

Premiered at IBeam by Amirtha Kidambi, Cory Bracken, and Dave Ruder and Joseph White.


Shark (2012)

Electric guitar, voice, percussion, and Max/MSP.

Premiered at CUNY-Brooklyn College by Amirtha Kidambi, Cory Bracken, and Dave Ruder and Joseph White.


Peach (2012)

Electronic playback. 

Premiered at the International Electroacoustic Music Festival in Brooklyn, NY.


Tal (2012)

Guitar, percussion and electric bass.

CUNY-Brooklyn College, Performed by Hagar Ben-Ari, Cory Bracken and Travis Reuter.


Composition 1 (2011)

Piano and electric guitar.

Premiered at CUNY-Brooklyn College by Michael Weinstein-Reiman

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