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Joseph White

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There's a joy to be had in listening...a finger-snapping charm, as well as flights of complexity."
-The New York Times
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-Time Out New York
-Steve Smith, Night after Night/NPR

Joseph White is a genre fluid composer, writer, performer, sonic engineer and sound artist based in New York City.

(Photo - Ben Arons @ArsNova)

 Joseph White writes, performs and produces experimental music, theatrical pieces and sound art, focusing on exciting and innovative approaches to harmony, digital sampling, speech, and the exploration of unusual social themes. A nomad of genre, country, and cultural scene, his music has been heard in the parks of Mexico City, Lower East Side rock clubs, Off-Broadway theaters, and experimental music venues. 


His experimental radio opera, “The Wagging Craze” was workshopped at JACK, and premiered at Ars Nova’s ANTFest 2019, with subsequent performances as an Ars Nova One Night Stand, at the Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival, at various DIY venues across the United States, and at the Prague Fringe 2022.


Working with composer/performer Gelsey Bell, he co-composed, engineered and edited the sound walk, Cairns (NYTimes Best Theatre of 2020) and co-created the 2021 sound walk, Meander, commissioned by HERE Arts Center and Brooklyn Botanic Garden. 

In the summer of 2022, he was in residence at the Mexican National Sound Archive - Fonoteca Nacional, and 316 Centro in Mexico City, presenting the sound installations "Palabras Fantasma" and  “Juego Para Melodías y Estática.”

He was a founding member and producer of Sweat Lodge Collective, and Performer’s Forum at the Exapno New Music Community Center, as well as numerous Brooklyn experimental DIY ensembles and bands. As a solo artist and band member he has performed at venues of all shapes and sizes across NYC.

The Wagging Craze Smirk B&W 2.jpg

Preview single from "The Wagging Craze", released in Fall of 2021 on Gold Bolus Recordings.

Original (re)arrangement of the holiday classic with Gelsey Bell vocals. 2017.

Electronic tape piece composed/recorded for Agnes Borinsky's "Ding Dong it's the Ocean", JACK 2018

The Wagging Craze
Of Government
The Upper Room
Bardo Songs
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